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Basara, Mira; Bill McQuay. MWG Forum: Embedded Metadata in Audio and Visual Resources. (2015-01-23) This forum addressed the application of embedded metadata in visual and audio resources. Our speakers discussed the definition, role, and creation of embedded metadata in addition to offering thoughts on its merits and demonstrating tools for import and export. Mira Basara – The Role of Embedded Metadata in Visual Resources This presentation will talk about what embedded metadata is, how to create it, and why it matters. There will also be a presentation of one of the tools used to import-export embedded metadata for images. Bill McQuay – Embedded Metadata for Audio: Standards, Structure and Tools The development of standards for the embedding of metadata in audio is an ongoing effort involving professional organizations, equipment manufacturers and preservationists. We will look at some of the proposed standards and the tools that have been developed for their implementation.
Basara, Mira. The Role of Embedded Metadata in Visual Resources. (2015-01-23) This presentation will talk about what embedded metadata is, how to create it, and why it matters. There will also be a presentation of one of the tools used to import-export embedded metadata for images.
Bergmark, Donna. Focused crawling and collection synthesis. (2002-12-20) PowerPoint
Berney, Tre. Metadata for Video: A Primer. (2015-04-17) Recording Tre Berney will discuss sources, reasons, and challenges in dealing with video and its complexities in regard to metadata. His presentation will touch on a variety of things, including: • Why technical metadata is important to moving images & how it works • The importance of identifying the metadata needs of different kinds of institutions • Applications of video metadata at CUL and the Lab of Ornithology • The technical challenges of our current archive and delivery systems, including our implementation of Kaltura, an open source media streaming solution.
Bowen, Jennifer. The eXtensible Catalog (XC): Transitioning to a Post-MARC Environment. (2012-05-18) PowerPoint
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Chandler, Adam. Patron Privacy in a Surveillance State. Revised. (2014-05-01)
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CLiMB, Computational Linguistics for Metadata Building. Website
CLiMB, Computational Linguistics for Metadata Building : first year report, March 2002 - February 2003. (2003-06) PDF
CLiMB : Computational Linguistics for Metadata Building. PowerPoint Center for Research on Information Access, Columbia University Libraries, 2003-10-03.
Collection Building. Website Mercator Web Crawler.
Columbia Metadata Group Lightning Talks 20141021. (2014-10-21) Website
Columbia Metadata Working Group. Columbia Metadata Working Group: Overview of Digital Projects at the American Museum of Natural History Library. (2015-01-20) Website Topic: Overview of Digital Projects at the American Museum of Natural History Library. Stacy Schiff and Jennifer Cwiok will present the standards, vocabularies, workflows, and technology implemented for digitized images. Rebecca Morgan and Iris Lee will present the implementation of EAD and EAC standards, workflows, and technology for finding aids. Speakers: • Jennifer Cwiok – Digital Projects Manager, American Museum of Natural History • Iris Lee - Metadata Analyst, American Museum of Natural History • Rebecca Morgan - Project Archivist, American Museum of Natural History • Stacy Schiff - Visual Resources Librarian, American Museum of Natural History Lightning Talks: • Amy Nurnberger – Research Data Alliance meeting, Plenary 4. • Melanie Wacker – Research metadata support • Robbie Blitz – Staff Collection Viewer.
Columbia Metadata Working Group. Columbia Metadata Working Group Lightning Talks. (2014-10-21) Martha Tenney – Training undergraduates to do metadata work for digital collections Margaret Smithglass – New Registrar & Digital Content Librarian @ Avery Brian Luna Lucero – Academic Commons: Changes to metadata processing Robbie Blitz – Staff Collection Viewer Alex Thurman – IIPC Collaborative Collections Matt Haugen – BIBFRAME training Christina Harlow - Integrating BIBFRAME editor and tools into Django project Henri Duvillard - Internet Archive John Scialdone/Merlie Hanson - Overview of current projects Amy Nurnberger – Research Data Alliance meeting, Plenary 4. Melanie Wacker – Research metadata support.
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Cornell ERM implementation : project web site. Website
Cornell Institute for Digital Collections. Website
Cornell University Image Collections. Website Uses the Insight browser.
Corson-Rikert, Jon. Ontologies: what, why, and how? (2003-04-18) PowerPoint
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CUGIR : Cornell University Geospatial Data Information Repository. Website An FGDC clearinghouse node.
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Digital Archive Attributes Working Group. Website Research Libraries Group.
Digital Object Identifier System (DOI). Website
Digital preservation, Technology & Policy : presentations. (2002-12-13) Website Workshop held December 13, 2002, at the National Library of the Netherlands.
DLF Electronic Resource Management Initiative. Website Digital Library Federation.
DSpace at Cornell University. Website
DSpace Federation. Website
Dublin Core Anniversary Celebration. (2003-02-28) Photographs of the event.
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Website
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Electronic Resource Management : the report of the DLF Initiative. HTML, PDF Digital Library Federation, 2004-08-18.
Encoded Archival Description (EAD). Website
Entlich, Rich. Rich Entlich on Investigations into Technical Services Issues. (2015-03-27)
Expressing Simple Dublin Core in RDF/XML.
Fallgren, Nancy. BIBFRAME at the National Library of Medicine. (2015-02-20) Recording Nancy Falgren: BIBFRAME at the National Library of Medicine Friday, February 20th Olin 106G, 10:30am-12pm *Co-sponsored by the Metadata Working Group and the LTS Continuing Education Team. Nancy will be on-site The National Library of Medicine was one of the first implementers of BIBFRAME, a data sharing standard that is intended to replace MARC, and is designed to be flexible enough to be used beyond traditional library cataloging. The NLM is making plans to explore a "modular" approach to BIBFRAME that will specify a core vocabulary that can be extended with descriptive schemes used by different kinds of cultural heritage institutions. Nancy Fallgren has been one of the leaders of NLM's BIBFRAME effort. She will talk about NLM's experiences with BIBFRAME and about their current efforts to develop the model.
Fereira, John. uPortal: a framework for the personalization of library services. (2004-02-20) PowerPoint
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Folsom, Steven. The Cornell Veterinarian: A Metadata Perspective. (2014-03-21) PowerPoint This presentation outlines some of the challenges faced when trying to provide article level access to a journal (The Cornell Veterinarian) from within the HathiTrust Digital Library.
Folsom, Steven. Introduction to Technical and Preservation Metadata. (2012-09-21) PowerPoint and PDF Presentation on technical and preservation metadata (including the PREMIS data model), and how they relate to other types of metadata.
Folsom, Steven; Sarah Ross. Metadata Working Group: Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST) at Cornell. (2014-10-31) PowerPoint You may have noticed innovations in the new Blacklight faceting function. Or, if you work on Voyager records, you may have noticed a proliferation of records with the mysterious MARC tag “|2 fast.” Metadata Working Group presents a session on FAST, Faceted Application of Subject Terminology, a terminology scheme on the cutting edge of subject access theory. Almost every record in the Cornell catalog will be touched by FAST: you don’t want to ignore what’s going on! Steven Folsom and Sarah Ross have been involved in working with the OCLC inventors of FAST and making it work in the Cornell catalog. Sarah Ross will talk about the nuts-and-bolts of MARC cataloging and the FAST tool that stands behind a faceted approach to subject analysis, and Steven Folsom will demonstrate how the public can soon interact with these headings through the Blacklight catalog.
Gill, Tony; Anne J. Gilliland. Introduction to Metadata: Pathways to Digital Information. J. Paul Getty Trust. An online publication devoted to metadata, its types and uses, and how it can improve access to digital resources.
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Green, Ann. Introduction to the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI). (2009-02-27) PDF Ann Green's Metadata Working Group Forum presentation.
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Hakala, Juha. Identification of electronic resources : identifiers and resolution services. (2003-01-29) PowerPoint
Harmony Project. Website
Harper, Corey. Metadata normalization: a case study in Primo and linked open data in libraries. (2008-05-16) PowerPoint slides from Corey Harper's Metadata Working Group forum presentation.
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Hillmann, Diane. Facing Forward: The Challenges Facing Cataloging and Catalogers - RDA, DCMI, FRBR, and What They Mean for Libraries. (2008-10-17) PowerPoint slides from Diane Hillmann's Metadata Working Group forum presentation.
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Hillmann, Diane. Using Dublin Core. Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, 2003-08-26.
Hirtle, Peter. Copyright & Metadata. (2012-12-14) PDF Peter Hirtle (Senior Policy Advisor, CUL DSPS) discusses whether metadata records can be copyrighted as well as mechanisms for releasing metadata records.
Hirtle, Peter. Metadata and cross-collection searching in Luna's Insight. (2002-03-15) PowerPoint
Hirtle, Peter. Rights Metadata for Digital Collections. (2006-03-31) PowerPoint
Hirtle, Peter. Section 108 Study Group Update : Questions from the March Roundtables. (2006-03-31) PowerPoint
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Hyland, Nan; Nate Rupp. USDA Economics Statistics and Market Information System. (2005-09-16) PowerPoint
JAbbr : journal abbreviation decrypter. Website
Jenkins, Keith. JAbbr : how to decipher journal abbreviations (using metadata extracted from the Library Catalog). (2007-10-19) PDF
Jenkins, Keith. NewBooks : how to find out what's new in the stacks (using metadata extracted from the Library Catalog). (2007-10-19) PDF
JISC Information Environment architecture. Website
Kehoe, Bill. METS revisited. (2003-12-19) PowerPoint
Kovari, Jason. Metadata & Copyright : Why does it Matter? (2012-12-14) PDF Jason Kovari (Metadata Librarian. Humanities & Special Collections, CUL LTS) discusses why it has become important for some information consumers that libraries share our metadata; talk focuses on interesting projects making use of shared metadata.
Kozak, George. Naming and identifying digital objects. (2002-10-25?) PowerPoint
Krafft, Dean B. A model for Simple Metadata-Based Services. (2002-04-15)
Krafft, Dean. What's Next for Metadata at CUL? (2008-12-19) PowerPoint slides from Dean Krafft's Metadata Working Group forum presentation.
Kramer, Stefan. Display and usability of metadata in social science research data repositories. (2011-11-11) PDF
Kunze, John; R.P.C. Rodgers. The ARK persistent identifier scheme. (2004-07-31) text/plain
Kurth, Marty. MARC to DC XML at CUL. (2002-09-20) PowerPoint
Kurth, Marty; David Ruddy; Tom Turner. ENCompass metadata issues. (2001-12-21) PowerPoint
Kurth, Marty; David Ruddy; Tom Turner. Metadata mapping in ENCompass. (2001-12-21) PowerPoint
Lagoze, Carl. Breaking down the walls : moving libraries from collectors to portals. PowerPoint
Lagoze, Carl. Harmony project. (2002-06-21) PowerPoint
Lagoze, Carl; Jane Hunter. The ABC metadata ontology and model. (2001-10-25) PowerPoint Presentation given at DC-2001.
Lagoze, Carl; Jane Hunter. The ABC ontology and model. (2001) PDF
Lagoze, Carl; Herbert Van de Sompel. The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PHM). (2002-06-14)
LD4L Forum slides. (2015-05-15) Website
Liddy, Elizabeth D. Generating and evaluating metadata . (2003-03-21) PowerPoint
Lindahl, David; Jeff Suszczynski. CUIPID Project: Catalog User-Interface Platform for Iterative Development. (2005-02-18) PowerPoint
LOCKSS. Website The LOCKSS ("Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe") program website.
Lowe, Brian. Introduction to ontologies : adding meaning to metadata. (2007-02-16) PowerPoint
Lynch, Clifford A. "Metadata harvesting and the Open Archives Initiative". ARL Bimonthly Report 217, August 2001.
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MARC to Dublin Core Crosswalk. Cornell University Library, 2002-09-19.
MARCXML : MARC 21 XML Schema. Website
Markup languages and ontologies.
McGovern, Nancy. Content Information. (2002-02-15) MS Word Summary of "A recommendation for content information", OCLC-RLG Working Group on Preservation Metadata.
McGovern, Nancy; Bill Kehoe. Preservation metadata. (2002-02-15) PowerPoint
McGovern, Nancy Y. Preservation metadata resources. (2002-02-15) MS Word
McQuay, William. Audio Technical Metadata. (2012-09-21) PowerPoint and PDF Presentation on standards developed for audio technical metadata and its importance for preservation, at the National-level.
McQuay, William. Embedded Metadata for Audio: Standards, Structure and Tools. (2015-01-23) The development of standards for the embedding of metadata in audio is an ongoing effort involving professional organizations, equipment manufacturers and preservationists. We will look at some of the proposed standards and the tools that have been developed for their implementation.
Metasearch Initiative. Website National Information Standards Organization (NISO).
METS : Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard. Website
Mistlebauer, Holly. Curated List of Library Resources (CuLLR). (2011-09-16) PDF
Muller, Liz; Jason Kovari; Danielle Mericle. ARTstor Shared Shelf Demo. (2011-06-17) PDF Presentation slides.
National Science Digital Library (NSDL). Website
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Nicholson, Scott. Bibliomining across North America. Website Information about the Bibliomining Across North America workshop, including content from the talk, pointers to information, and details on the traveling presentation and where it will be presented.
Nicholson, Scott. Introduction to the Bibliomining Process. (2005) PDF
NISO. April 8 NISO Webinar: Experimenting with BIBFRAME: Reports from Early Adopters. (2015-04-08) Recording
NISO. February 11 NISO Webinar: Authority Control: Are You Who We Say You Are? (2015-02-11) Recording Password: ORCID_ISNI_VIAF.
NISO Z39.87-2002 : Data Dictionary, Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images. Website NISO, 2002. Proposed draft standard for a set of metadata required to manage digital image collections.
Noh, Youn. Cross Collection Discovery in the Yale Digital Commons. (2010-11-19) PowerPoint
Noy, Natalya F.; Deborah L. McGuinness. Ontology Development 101: a guide to creating your first ontology. (2000?) PDF
Open Achives Initiative (OAI). Website
Paolillo, Michelle. CULAR (Cornell University Library Archival Repository). (2012-09-21) PowerPoint and PDF Presentation of metadata in the CULAR (Cornell University Library Archival Repository) context.
Paolillo, Michelle. HathiTrust: Possibilities. (2014-03-21) PowerPoint An outline of the mission and scope of HathiTrust, Cornell Library's involvement with this initiative, and the possibilities for leveraging the HathiTrust API's for new uses of the content with the HathiTrust Digital Library.
Payette, Sandy. Fedora Commons overview and future plans. (2008-06-13) PowerPoint slides from Sandy Payette's Metadata Working Group forum presentation.
Persistent Identifiers: Report of the CUL Working Group. (2006-04-21)
Persistent Universal Resource Locator (PURL). Website
Pitti, Daniel. EAD and EAC-CPF. (2008-11-21) PowerPoint slides from Daniel Pitti's Metadata Working Group forum presentation.
Pitti, Daniel. National Archival Authorities Infrastructure : Social Networks and Archival Context & National Archival Authorities Cooperative. (2012-04-20) PowerPoint Two related projects are laying the groundwork for establishing a National Archival Authorities Cooperative (NAAC). The first project is Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC). In the first phase of SNAC, the project focused on extracting and assembling authority descriptions from 30,500 finding aids and augmenting the derived authority records with additional data from library and museum authority records. The archival authority descriptions resulting from the processing have been used to develop a prototype historical research and access system. In the second phase, the number of finding aids will be increased to 150,000, and will be augmented by one to two million MARC collection-level archival descriptions contributed by OCLC WorldCat. In addition, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Smithsonian Institution, British Library (BL), Archives nationales (France), and Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) will contribute over 375,000 original archival authority records in a variety of formats. These archival authority records will be augmented with additional data from library and museum authority records: 16 million Virtual International Authority File (VIAF) records; and 120,000 Union List of Artist Names (ULAN) records. Altogether, thirteen consortia and over thirty-five leading research repositories in the U.S., U.K., and France are contributing source data, either finding aids or archival authority records. The second project is Building a National Archival Authorities Infrastructure. This project is funded by a 2011 grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services. This project involves two interrelated activities. Administered by Katherine Wisser at Simmons College, the first activity is offering twenty competitively awarded scholarships for each of seven regional Society of American Archivists workshops on Encoded Archival Context-Corporate Bodies, Persons, and Families (EAC-CPF), with a total of 140 scholarships to be awarded. EAC-CPF is a new archival standard for authority description, and is the underlying standard used in the SNAC project. The second activity will be the development of a blueprint for establishing a sustainable National Archival Authorities Cooperative, initially based on the SNAC project results. The blueprint will be developed during three meetings to be hosted by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The first meeting will be held in Washington, D.C. on May 21 and 22, and will begin the process of exploration the business, governance, and technological requirements for the proposed cooperative. Following the May meeting, three small teams led by John Unsworth (business), Adrian Turner (governance), and Terrence Catapano (technological) will begin the development of the blueprint. Together, the two activities will begin the process of building a national archival authorities infrastructure in the U.S.
Porciello, Jaron. Engaging metadata in HathiTrust to Enhance Access and Discovery: The Cornell Veterinarian. (2014-03-21) PowerPoint Enabling article-level access for full-text articles to The Cornell Veterinarian residing in HathiTrust to citations in PubMed facilitates a familiar and useful research experience for the community of practice.
Powell, Andy. RDN/LTSN LOM application profile, version 1.0.
PREMIS (PREservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies). Website
Preservation metadata and the OAIS information model : a metadata framework to support the preservation of digital objects. PDF OCLC/RLG Working Group on Preservation Metadata, 2002-06.
Protege Ontologies Library. Website
Protg. Website Protg is an ontology editor and a knowledge-base editor. Protg is also an open-source, Java tool that provides an extensible architecture for the creation of customized knowledge-based applications.
Qin, Jian; Miao Chen. Linking Entities in Scientific Metadata. (2012-10-15) PDF
Qin, Jian. Scientific Metadata. (2008-09-19) PDF PDF from Jian Qin's Metadata wroking Group forum presentation.
RDA: Resource Description and Access. Website
RDA Toolkit. Website
Reference model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS). PDF ConsultativeCommittee for Space Data Systems, 2002-01. CCSDS 650.0-B-1 Blue Book.
RELAX NG home page. Website
Resource Description Framework (RDF). Website
Rieger, Oya; Danielle Mericle. Z39.87 at DCAPS. (2005-05-20) PowerPoint
Rosenkrantz, Marcy E. Digital repositories for scholarly output. (2003-10-17) PowerPoint
Ruddy, David. DC Library Application Profile. (2001-09-21) PowerPoint
Ruddy, David. METS : Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard. (2002-04-19) PowerPoint
Ruddy, David. Why identifiers? (2002-10-25) PowerPoint An overview of naming and identifiers.
Rust, Godfrey. Emerging standards for identifiers and metadata. (1999) PDF
Samuels, Harry. Federated Searching: the ABC's of HSE, XML, & Z39.50. (2004-08-27) PowerPoint
Sanera, Devin. Metadata Working Group Presentation on Surveillance Metadata. A short outline of the technology of metadata surveillance.
Schematron. Website A language for making assertions about patterns found in XML documents.
Shreeves, Sarah. BibApp. (2009-03-20) Sarah Shreeve's Metadata Working Group Forum presentation.
SICI : Serial Item and Contribution Identifier standard. Website
Silterra, Enrico. RDF, RSS and all that. (2004-04-23) PowerPoint
Snijder, Ronald. Metadata standards and information analysis : a survey of current metadata standards and the underlying models. (2001)
Snyder, Tracey. RDA and AACR2: Sample Bibliographic Records. (2011-03-18) PDF Tracey Snyder's Metadata Working Group Forum presentation.
Solla, Nancy. BKS 24x7: Metadata Renovation. (2012-02-17) PowerPoint, PDF
Sowa, John F. Guided tour of ontology. (2001)
SRW/SRU : Search and Retrieve Web Service. Website ZING, Z39.50 International: Next Generation.
St. Laurent, Simon. Creating schemas while preserving your sanity : RELAX NG and a markup core. (2004-01-16) Website
Stephens, Dennis. Being a librarian : multi-tasking at the reference desk ca. 1890 . (2003) PowerPoint A play for voices, adapted by Dennis Stephens from an 1890 article by Horace Kephart.
Taylor, Chris. An Introduction to Metadata. University of Queensland Library, 2003-07-29.
Testing Resource Description and Access (RDA). Website
Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). Website
Thesaurus construction. (2002-02-19) Introductory tutorial on thesaurus construction.
Thurman, Alex.
Thurman, Alex. Web archiving in context and close-up. (2013-05-17) PowerPoint Alex Thurman, Web Resources Collection Coordinator at Columbia University Libraries, situates Columbia's program within the context of web archiving activity worldwide, and drills down into some of the challenges of creating and providing access to web archives, including a demonstration of Columbia's new Human Rights Web Archive portal.
Trutt, Tom; Nick Cappadona. Re-using metadata from the Voyager library catalog. (2007-10-19) PowerPoint
Unified Medical Language System (UMLS). Website U.S. National Library of Medicine.
"Uniform Resource Names: a progress report". D-Lib Magazine, February 1996.
uPortal by JA-SIG. Website
URI.NET. Website A clearinghouse for standards, registration procedures, status, software and news related to Uniform Resource Identifiers, etc.
VIVO: Virtual Life Sciences Library. Website VIVO brings together in one site all library resources that support the Cornell New Life Sciences Initiative. VIVO also serves as a curated index to life science research, facilities, and instruction at Cornell, and to selected external resources.
VRA Core 4.0 Beta. Website Visual Resources Association, 2005-12-14. The working draft of the updated metadata scheme of the Visual Resources Association Data Standards Committee.
W3C XML Schema. Website
Warner, Simeon. arXiv's current and planned metadata formats. (2003-11-14) PDF
Warner, Simeon. Exposing and harvesting metadata using the OAI metadata harvesting protocol : a tutorial. High Energy Physics Libraries Webzine, Issue 4, June 2001.
A Web hub for developing administrative metadata for electronic resource management. Website
Webster, Margaret N. The Metadata Landscape: Cataloging Cultural Objects, the VRA Core, and Our Visual Collections. (2007-12-14) PowerPoint and Word Document
Weibel, Stuart. "Metadata : the foundations of resource description". D-Lib Magazine, July 1995.
Westbrooks, Elaine. Language Data and Rights. (2006-03-31) PowerPoint
Wiley, Glen; Adam Chandler. The OpenURL Quality Problem and Project. (2008-02-22) PowerPoint Slides for Metadata Working Group forum.
Wiley, Glen. Resource Description and Access (RDA): An Overview. (2011-03-18) PDF Glen Wiley's Metadata Working Group Forum presentation.
Wiley, Glen; Nancy Solla; Greg Nehler. Introduction to Metadata. (2007-09-21) PowerPoint Slides for Metadata Working Group forum.
Witten, Ian; David Bainbridge. How to build a digital library. Book San Francisco, Calif. : Morgan Kaufmann, 2003.
Working meeting on preservation metadata, April 25, 2003. Website Cornell University Library Instruction, Research, and Information Services, 2003-04-25.